Best Halloween Specials episodes!

Published by Luna on 2023-10-27 in Nerd
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In the world of TV series, it's not uncommon to come across episodes that don't seem to directly relate to the main plot, known as specials. These specials can deal into various topics, but often, they are related to highly celebrated holidays loved by the show's directors. There are Christmas Specials, 4th of July Specials (American Independence Day), and, of course, Halloween Specials.
In Halloween Specials, fans have the opportunity to see their favorite characters in themed costumes, often accompanied by comedic scenes that you wouldn't typically catch in the main storyline. Essentially, these episodes are fillers, meaning they usually have nothing to do with the plot and are inserted when the writers run out of ideas on how to carry on the series. However, despite the fan service and filler nature, they have their charm and never fail to captivate viewers each year.

So in this article, I've decided to gather what, in my opinion, are the best Halloween Specials!
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Wandavision: All-New Halloween Spooktacular! (2021)

In this episode of Wandavision, the protagonists are thrust into the 1990s, where Halloween has arrived in the town of Westview. Wanda and her family have the opportunity to dress up in their classic comic book costumes, although things get out of hand when Billy and Tommy are in danger.
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The Owl House: Thanks to Them (2022)

Luz and her "magical" friends are stuck in the human world, but despite household chores and Spanish homework, they decide to dress up for a Halloween party to better understand the traditions Luz grew up with.
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Wynonna Earp: Hell Raisin’ Good Time (2021)

In this episode, the Earp sisters have to deal with another supernatural being, this time it's Rotten Jack, a murderous scarecrow terrorizing the town of Purgatory. However, they are engulfed by a fog that not only erases their memories but also provides them with fantastic Halloween-themed costumes.
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Stranger Things: Trick or Treat, Freak (2017)

The kids dress up as Ghostbusters for Halloween; Eleven dresses up as a ghost for Halloween while of course Will sees something strange.
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These were our best Halloween Specials! And you? Are you ready to celebrate Halloween?