Horror movies cliches

Horror movies cliches : Types of horror movie characters and how they'll die
Published by Luna on 2023-10-27 in Nerd
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Hey everyone! It's almost Halloween! And I'm certainly not one of those people who've been listening to creepy and halloweenish songs since the beginning of October... Well, as you've probably already guessed, I'm feeling the Halloween vibe, so it's time for one of my famous articles/critiques!

So, to specify today's topic, we'll play a game called "tell me your favorite character and I'll tell you who you are", in the variation "tell me what character you are and I'll tell you how you're going to die". This is because horror movies are full of very predictable cliches. Now, sharper your axes and let's start!

The denier

For our first character we have him, the skeptic, very often they're also pretty annoying and at the 40th suspicious death they'll still keep repeating that "in their city there are no monsters!" We all know that the second he'll round the corner the killer will make them wish they had believed.

The buff American

They don't have any "faith" problems believing that there's a killer/monster, on the contrary: "yeah, finally something interesting is happening in this city", "history will remember me as the hero I am". This is more or less the danger awareness they have. They'll 100% die three quarters into the movie in the stupidest way, and it'll probably be their own fault.
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The one who’s out of their mind

They've probably taken some things (if you know what I mean) and, we never know why, but if there's a zombie invasion or a demon on the loose, it's usually them who've started it all. And for 90 minutes of the movie they won't understand what's happening, up until they'll die in a weird way.

The stupid blonde

They can't process what's happening and they often end up getting discovered (for example while hiding) spoiling all their friends' plans to survive. They're in an eternal search for a significant other even when they have hordes of supernatural creatures running after them, but hey, at least they're hot.

These characters always annoy me so much. And after they realize that the person following them at a snail's pace is none other than the killer, they'll start a screaming run that'll end with their sad, but earned death.

And these are the main types of characters in horror movies. What about you? What's the character you hate more in a scary movie? Let us know by writing us an email to [email protected] or with a DM on Instagram @radioimmaginaria. I'll see you next time :)