Let's bring capes back!

Let's bring capes back!: why it should be socially acceptable to wear capes in public
Published by Sofia on 2023-11-05 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

My name is Sofia and this is my official petition to bring capes back! Let's make it socially acceptable to use capes instead of jackets when it gets cold. And with capes I mean those long cloaks that have hoods and are closed with a clasp under the neck. Bonus points if that clasp is also a jewel you clutch for emotional support or when you have to perform a really complicated spell.

But remember, as Edna Mode has told us, you should never, under any circumstance, use a cape while doing superhero stuff, like flying around very close to planes. Keep that in mind.

Here you have my reasons.
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illustration by Sofia A

Reason number 1: The hoods

Listen, sometimes, I have bad hair days. I think we ALL get bad hair days. And you know what I do when I have one? I wear a hat, or, as is more probable, my sweatshirt's hood. Also, don't you feel 100% cooler wearing a hood? It makes me feel like I'm a fugitive running from a broken law enforced by a tyrant, or a princess going to see what life is like beyond her castle walls, or even a powerful and mysterious witch.

Reason number 2: the warmth

Capes are so warm! They're perfect for this season and you can wrap them around yourself, so that it feels as if you were being cuddled? Isn't that so cozy and beautiful?

Reason number 3: they can hide stuff

A cloak is usually very long and, if you wear one whose fabric is pretty thick, you can get away with any bulge that you have underneath. You could take so many snacks to the cinema, or even bring popcorn to school, to whip out whenever things get interesting, like when one of your classmates is arguing with the teacher.

Well, these are the reasons why we should bring capes back. So, will you sign my petition?