Tote bags

Tote bags: the best accessory you can wear!
Published by Sofia on 2024-01-19 in Pop
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Hey everyone! My name is Sofia and I looove tote bags!

In case you don't know what tote bags are; they are those rectangular canvas bags that many people use nowadays. They are also called "shoppers" and they come in so many different designs, from the simplest monochrome ones, to the ones with clever or funny sayings printed on them, the ones with funny and colorful patterns, etc. etc.

But, like many fashion accessories, they have pros and cons (or like anything, actually).


Let's start with the bad things, shall we? This way we can end the article on a positive note. Well, tote bags, unless you get the ones with internal pockets (and even those will usually have only two or three pockets), can get very messy very quickly. I can't count how many times I couldn't find something in my bag as quickly as I wanted to. There are so many moments when I actually have to take EVERYTHING out of my bag, just to find the thing I was looking for at the bottom of it (of course).
some tote bags with a smiley face on them
illustration by Sofia A


Now, onto the good things. First of all, tote bags are fashionable. I mean, they are for now, cause fashion is always changing, but I think it's still important to point out. Plus, they're also eco-friendly, since while using them to go shopping, you avoid having to buy plastic bags to carry the things you buy. AND they have so much space!

They're the perfect accessory for the gal-on-the-go; somebody who's always doing stuff and running around, so you can toss all the things you need in your tote bag and not worry about it.

Last but not least, they're highly customizable. You can choose the design you want to and also add other things, like patches or pins, to make it unique and totally yours, so that it can fit your personal style.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a tote bag!