The dancer

The dancer: the story of a girl who dances like nobody is watching
Published by Sofia on 2023-11-17 in Detective
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Emily was walking around the dance school. It was around lunchtime and everybody was certainly eating in the cafeteria, meaning the rooms would be completely empty. She had reached the last floor and was walking in the hallway, trying to get to the last room; her favorite. But she was stopped in her tracks when she heard a sweet melody coming from one of the rooms. The door was half-open and she glanced inside. She immediately recognized the blond girl. She was Stella, the new student.

Emily stopped and drew near to the door. She stayed there, watching Stella dance along with the music, incapable of looking away.
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illustration by Radioimmaginaria
She was a girl underwater, as graceful as a fairy dancing in the wind. Supernatural, a magical creature, beautiful, untouched by the laws of gravity. She defied physics, by moving like that. A work of art that couldn't be stopped. Emily could only stay there, trying not to make any noise, not to breathe too loud, so that the enchantment wouldn't be broken.

As Stella moved she could almost see the world changing around her. The sun that shone through the window illuminated the leaves of the tree that brushed against the glass.

It was spring, but Stella made it seem like summer one second, with energetic and stark movements, then like autumn, slowing down, making Emily feel as if the light had dimmed, and then winter, spinning slowly, until she withered like a dying leaf and fell down delicately, without a sound.
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illustration by Radioimmaginaria
Emily almost jumped out to help her, worried that she felt ill, but then she saw the light in her eyes, her chest heaving, her cheeks a little red. Stella looked toward her, stared right into her soul. Then she gracefully got up and dusted her skirt off.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes." breathed Emily, coming out from her hiding place, opening the door all the way. "It was..."

"Magical." the two girls said in unison.