Goalkeepers have superpowers!

Goalkeepers have superpowers!: Who plays as goalkeeper has a different mind, scientists are saying it!
Published by Matteo from Carpi on 2023-11-10 in Detective
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I've been saying this for years, ever since the first moment I wore the goalkeeper gloves and finally we have a scientific experiment that demonstrates it! Recently, a research team of Dublin City University has investigated the mind of goalkeepers and they discovered that we perceive the world in a different way compared to other people.

The test, that includes 60 people between professional goalkeepers, professional footballers and people who don't play at all, consisted in the visualization of one or two images on a screen with the possibility of hearing a sound corresponding to the arrival of the image and the results were crystal clear.
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It's been demonstrated that goalkeepers can perceive the sensorial signals better than other footballers and can act very fast, basing themselves on visual and auditory information that can arrive in different moments. That's because we often have to foresee our opponents' actions and to not get goals we are forced to jump and react in situations with limited visibility, like when one of our teammates is in our line of vision, hiding the ball.

Scientists haven't yet understood if this skill is innate, but I hope that this will help goalkeepers all over the world to feel like superheroes from now on, like Superman with his laser eyes or Spider-Man with his webs. I know what it's like to spend 90 lonely minutes between the goalposts or getting blamed for every goal we get, but the truth is that without us every match would have many more risks. It's not me who says it, but it's actually Spider-Man: "From a great goalkeeper comes great responsibility"! That's how the saying goes, isn't it?