The T-Rex Race!

The T-Rex Race!: A dinosaur race…
Published by Andrea on 2023-11-17 in Pop
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One of the funniest sports I've ever seen is riding dinosaurs. The T-Rex Race is a race happening since 2019 at the Emerald Downs Hippodrome, in America. In time, Auburn's hippodrome, near Seattle, has become famous for hosting, along with horse races, weirder types of races, like the Grandparents Race or races with Corgis. The T-Rex Race is, without a doubt, the funniest of them all.

The rules are very simple: hundreds of people race every year while wearing T-Rex costumes and exactly like in any horse race, the winner is the first dinosaur who reaches the finish line. Watch it here!
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We want to see the T-Rex Race at the Olympiads!

No dinosaur has been harmed in this race and everybody laughs for the entire time...

Will a dinosaurdome be built in Europe too? We can't know for sure, but it would be a genius idea. No, wait! We could extend the invitation to other types of dinosaurs, like triceratops or stegosaurus. To keep the race honest and fair I'd exclude the velociraptors... Anyway I think I just found my future job, my mom always tells me that I look like a dinosaur when I walk!

When the T-Rex Race arrives at the Olympiads I'll be ready to win!