The best 2000s movie!

The best 2000s movie!: a list of old films you NEED to rewatch
Published by Sara from Ciampino on 2023-11-05 in Nerd
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Hey everyone, Sara from Ciampino here!

Today I wanted to write about the best films from the 2000s that created many incredible stories. I recommend you watch them simply because they remind me of my childhood, and they're beautiful. So, watch them.

Harry Potter

The first movie I wanted to recommend is more of a mole. Actually, I'm begging you. WATCH THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES. Not really because it's Harry Potter, but simply because they spark joy. Even though I have read hundreds and hundreds of series that I liked much more *cough cough* PERCY JACKSON *cough cough* Harry Potter made me go back to reading. SO READ THE BOOKS AND WATCH THE FILMS BECAUSE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. (except for the sixth). You can find them on Netflix.
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Mean Girls

The second film I wanted to recommend is Mean Girls. GUYS, THIS MOVIE. Everything in this film is absolutely brilliant. I'm just asking you to ask yourself a question after watching the movie: Who are the real Mean Girls? And who's the REAL Mean Girl? Because after answering this question you'll unlock all the brilliance of this film. I'm telling you only this. You can find it on Netflix.
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Last but not least, a movie that unlocked so many childhood memories that I thought I had lost. GLADIATOR, GUYS, IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I LAST WATCHED IT. Only because of this I want you to re-watch it too, not exactly because of the film itself, but because of the "Roman Empire" meme. I think that your obsession with Rome was born from this movie (I know you like the Roman Empire, otherwise you wouldn't be reading articles in the nerd section). You can find it on Netflix.
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With this being said, we've sadly reached the conclusion of this article. I hope you liked it!