I wanna live in a musical

I wanna live in a musical: how my life would change if it had a soundtrack
Published by Marco R on 2023-10-20 in Pop
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I want to live in a musical. I've been thinking about it for weeks, ever since I saw a TikTok video by Vodoo Brass Band; an english band that was able to make jogging the funniest thing in the world.

During their music sessions they hide behind the trees in Hyde Park (ha! Get it?) in London and whenever a runner passes those trees they jump out and start following the athletes while playing the coolest soundtracks ever, ranging from Gonna Fly Now from Rocky to Chariots Of Fire.

In the video, when the runners realised they were being followed by a band, they had many varied reactions. Some didn't completely understand what was happening and ran faster to try and lose them, others started clapping for them, others were so embarrassed and tried to hide behind their neon pink tracksuits. On the other hand, I fell in love and I'd love to have them follow me with their trombones and bass drums every second of my life, like Spotify but in the flesh.
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illustration by Radioimmaginaria

The soundtrack of our dreams

When I have to take the train to school in the morning, I always see people looking sad and sleepy all around me. But there's something that unites all of us, from the students cramming for their history test, to the businessmen with their briefcases. Everyone, like, literally everyone, has earbuds in their ears and even if we don't know each other and we never spoke, I'm sure that they too, exactly like me, entrust those songs with their hopes and wishes. You only need a song to dream. With the perfect soundtrack, even a super boring hour of jogging can turn into a run for freedom. If only Vodoo Brass Band took my train every morning...