Eurovision Logbook - Day 4

#ESC2023 Lord of the Lost and a piano-stair!
Published by Sofia from Milan on 2023-05-10 in Detective
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Liverpool, Tuesday May 9th 2023 - DAY 4

Hey everyone!

I'm Sofia from Milan, writing to you from Liverpool. Today was our fourth day and the real start of the festival. In fact, tonight there was the first semi-final, where 15 of the nations participating in the Eurovision Song Contest performed, but if you want to know more about what we thought about their performances, you'll have to listen to us tomorrow on and also on Instagram at @radioimmaginaria!

This morning some of us interviewed Lord of the Lost; the group representing Germany with the song Blood & Glitter.

As we went to do the interview we also saw that part of the staircase of a building had been transformed into a kind of piano; so every time someone went up a step that exact step made a sound, kinda like the keys of a piano.

Then the sun came out and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Eurovillage, making our connections with RTL and enjoying the performances of the singers on the stage. At one point they started singing "Volare" and we danced all around the village!

After everything we immediately ran home to see the Contest, tomorrow we will tell you all our impressions! Stay tuned!


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photo by Radioimmaginaria