Eurovision Logbook - Day 1

#ESC2023 we arrived in Liverpool!
Published by Sofia from Milan on 2023-05-06 in Detective
Liverpool, Saturday May 7th 2023 - DAY 1

Hey everyoneeee!

I'm Sofia from Milan and I'm writing to you directly from Liverpoolll. That's right, we finally arrived in the Beatles' city this morning. We swiftly took a Double-Decker bus; you know, those English buses with two floors, and arrived at the city centre. After lunch we went for a little walk around town and ended up in a sort of mall where we saw many free pianos put there so that people can sit and play music!
Then we went to the Eurovillage; the headquarter of Eurovision, and we were on air with "I due sconosciuti"; a Radioimmaginaria programme directed by two thirteen-year-olds from Rome.
Now, after the journey and the first exploration we're super tired, we'll see you tomorrow, keep following us here on our website and also on Instagram at @onair_radioimmaginaria!