The NPCs in our life

The NPCs in our life: are we living in a videogame?
Published by Sofia on 2023-05-04 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! My name is Sofia and today I'll make you realize something.

In the videogame world an NPC is a Non Playable Character; essentially a character you can't play as, who is controlled by the game. These are background characters that are needed in order to make everything look more realistic.

They're kinda like extras in movies and tv series; they're there to make things more believable, but they don't stand out, don't have names, and the main characters don't interact with them (except in some occasions, like when bumping into them in the middle of a chase and screaming and apology from over their shoulder as they run away).
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Now, hear me out. We have NPCs in our lives too!

You know, the people we see everyday in school, but they aren't in your class, you just happen to always see them at the vending machine and, after a while, you recognize them everywhere? Or maybe somebody who takes the same bus as you every morning. Like, you always see them, but you don't know their name or almost anything about them. They're just kinda there.
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For example, there's this guy in my marketing class. He has a mohawk, wears round glasses, and always sits at the front. One day we did an exercise in class where we had to say what brand made us feel some type of way, like what brand made us feel cool, safe, etc. At every question he answered Harley Davidson, so, from then on, I've decided to call him Harley (in my mind, of course. I've never actually interacted with him and I don't think I ever will). A couple of days ago I discovered that his real name is Francesco, but to me he'll always be Harley.

So, what about you? Do you have any NPCs in your life? Did you give them names like I did? Let me know either on Instagram with a DM to @radioimmaginaria or with an email to [email protected].

I'll see you next time!