Lucifer: a devilish tv series
Published by Sofia on 2023-06-02 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! My name is Sofia and I've finally woken up and decided to watch Lucifer!

I know, I know, this show came out like in 2016 and is really famous, but I just never watched it when it was in production, I couldn't tell you why.

Okay, so, what is Lucifer about? Well, it's a tv series about the Devil. No, for real. It is.

Basically, after being cast away from Heaven and sent to punish people in Hell, the Devil decided to go on a vacation. He took a demon named Mazikeen with him and he went to live in Los Angeles. There he opened a club called Lux and changed his name to Lucifer Morningstar.
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illustration by Radioimmaginaria
The tv series starts five years after this, when a friend of Lucifer gets killed. He starts working to find the killer with Chloe Decker; a LAPD detective. The show continues from there with Lucifer helping to punish those who did wrong, while learning things about humanity and himself.

This tv series is so fun and seeing Lucifer and Chloe interact is really amusing, especially because she doesn't believe he's the Devil. He's also incredibly charming (and handsome and British, which is always a plus).

So, what are you doing still here? Run to Netflix and start watching Lucifer!

I'll see you next time!