Denim jacket or leather jacket?

Denim jacket or leather jacket?: the spring style dilemma
Published by Sofia on 2023-04-27 in Pop
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Hello everyone! My name is Sofia and I'm very indecisive. For example, this time of year, I usually have two options of clothing; it's either denim jacket, or leather jacket.

The problem is I can never decide which one to wear! They have such different vibes and styles, and from the beginning of the day it's difficult to choose what vibe I want to embody.

Like, do I want to wear a leather jacket and be super cool in a mysterious way? Do I want to feel like a spy; an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Do I want to look like I could wield an axe and break a computer everyday? (That's for all my fellow Brooklyn nine-nine fans).

Do I want to be dark and brooding? The type of girl who is a rebel and breaks the rules to fight for what's right?
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Or, do I want to wear a denim jacket? Do I want to feel like I'm going on an adventure to save the world? Do I want to feel like a demigod going on a quest with her orange Half-blood Camp T-shirt and beaded necklace?

Do I want to look like I'm backpacking around Europe, sleeping in hostels and living young and wild and free? Do I want to put it over a flowy dress with flowers on it to achieve the manic pixie dream girl look?

That's the thing. I. Don't. KNOW!
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I've come to the solution of just bringing them both with me. Okay, maybe that's too far. I might just do the leather jacket on odd days and the denim one on even days.

Or if I'll ever get a particular feeling of either rebel coolness or adventure, then I'll know which one to choose.

But what do YOU think? Are you team denim jacket or team leather jacket? Oooor a little bit of both, like me? Are you able to choose between them when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? Let me know on Instagram @radioimmaginaria, or with an email at [email protected]!

I'll see you next time!