How to give compliments

How to give compliments: a tutorial on how to make the world a better place
Published by Sofia on 2023-05-12 in Pop
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Hello everyone! My name is Sofia and today I'll be your professor.

Usually I like to keep a positive attitude and make the world a better place however I can. One way I do this is by giving compliments to people.

I'll give you some examples, but remember the type of compliment you can give depends on the type of relationship you have with the person you're paying it to; whether you're acquaintances, friends, or strangers.
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The simplest type of compliment you can pay someone is to say you like an item of clothing they're wearing. You could say something along the lines of: "Hey, I really love your dress!" or "Nice jacket!" or maybe "I love your shoes!". This could work on everyone, no matter the relationship you have, cause it's pretty standard and simple. If you really really liked that item of clothing you could even ask the person where they got it!
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A slight variation of this, that works best with friends or acquaintances, is to comment on the color of their clothes. Saying something like: "Pink really suits you!" or "Purple is your color!" or maybe just "You look good in blue!"

The last type of compliment is, in my opinion, the best one. I guarantee you'll make somebody's day, or maybe even year by telling them something like this.
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You should compliment their work. For example, I write articles on the website you're currently on. I put so much work and passion into them, so, when somebody compliments me on them, I'm super happy. Maybe your friend loves drawing and is really good at it. Well, tell them! It'll make them happy.

So this is everything! I highly recommend you implement these tips and start giving more compliments! You'll make the world a better place!

I'll see you next time!