How learning English made me crazy

How learning English made me crazy: diaries of an exhausted student
Published by Sofia on 2023-06-08 in Pop
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Hello everyone! My name is Sofia, I'm Italian and English is my second language.

I'm here to talk about how learning a second language destroyed me.

Let's start from the beginning. I started learning English when I was 5 years old. At 14 I began attending a high school that focuses on foreign languages.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation... just kidding. It all changed when I went to London. I went to school there for three weeks, completely immersed in the English language.

Then I also decided to read Harry Potter for the first time in its original language. I think that was the exact time I was completely into it. I was already watching YouTube videos and listening to music in English, but that was what consolidated my bubble.
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I can't say that I'm bilingual, cause I'm not, but I am experiencing some struggles.

I've arrived at the point where even my internal monologue is in English. When somebody says something that CAN'T happen I touch iron (the Italian way) AND knock on wood (the English way). Yes, I'm superstitious.

When I speak my own language I don't remember words, but I know them in English, so I say them and people think I'm being pretentious. I'M NOT! MY BRAIN IS JUST DIVIDED INTO TWO!
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Actually, it's divided into three plus a little piece, cause I learned two other languages in high school; Spanish and German.

I'm pretty good at Spanish, but I'm not as into it as I am with English, mainly because I don't really read or watch videos in it. As for German, I can't really speak it. It's a super difficult language to learn (if you know, you know).

So, my brain is divided into two plus a piece (that's Spanish) and sometimes I go a little crazy. If this happens to you too, just know you're not alone in your struggles. The only solution I found is to talk to people who know the same languages as you, so you can switch between them whenever you like and still understand each other.

Let me know if you also struggle with this with an email to [email protected] or on Instagram @radioimmaginaria.