I love trains

I love trains: why I like taking the train
Published by Sofia A on 2023-04-13 in Pop
Hey everyone! My name is Sofia and I take lots of trains.

As somebody whose best friends live in different cities than her and doesn't have her drivers licence yet (I'm working on it!) I have to spend a lot of my time on trains to go hang out with them.

I know that many people don't like trains, and I have to admit that they aren't exactly amazing, but they are necessary, so today I've decided to list some of my favourite things about trains!
For example, I'm writing this article on a train and next to me are sat four girls who are discussing all the drama happening in their friend group. I know I shouldn't be listening to them, but it's so interesting! I just hope that they don't read what I'm writing here, but they seem really into their discussion, so I think that's unlikely.

I like hearing all this gossip and their thoughts and I think it's one of the best things about trains; listening to scraps of strangers' conversations, imagining what their lives could be like, and then not seeing them again after that.
Then we have music and landscapes. These two things have to go hand in hand because listening to music is fun and looking out the train window is fun, but doing them both? It makes you feel like you're in a music video! I highly recommend it!

There are also the normal pros of trains, like the fact that they take you where you have to go, that you don't have to drive, etc, etc, but these are my favourite ones.

What about you? Do you take trains? What are your favourite things about them? You can tell us either by writing an email at radi[email protected], or on Instagram @onair_radioimmaginaria!

I'll see you next time!