Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus: a mythical comic book!
Published by Sofia on 2023-04-06 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

My name is Sofia and I really like reading comics. Usually I only read comics about superheroes from DC or Marvel, because they're the easiest to find, and, well, I love superheroes. But the other day I found a platform called WebToon, where you can read online comics made by creators and artists from all over the world!

You can download it as an app and read so many comics, all for free!

I'm here to talk about one of these comics; it's called Lore Olympus and it feeds both my greek-mythlogy-loving heart and my hopeless-romantic heart.
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ilustration by Sofia A

The Plot

Essentially it puts a modern spin on the Hades and Persephone myth. We find Persephone as a young goddess who's transferred to Olympus from the mortal realm, where she lived with her mother Demeter. She's living with Artemis, goes to university and lives her life as a nineteen-year-old goddess, but one night she goes to a party and she meets Hades... Things develop from there.

It's so cool seeing how the Olympus is a modern setting, with phones and computers and all that jazz, meanwhile the mortal realm is still set in that ancient Greece time, with temples and a lot of 'wild' nature.
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ilustration by Sofia A

Why should you read it?

This story does incorporate more myths and features a large cast of characters, while still putting emphasis on Hades and Persephone. But don't worry! Even if you don't know ANYTHING about Greek mythology, you will still be able to understand the story.

I really love this story and I also appreciate the drawing style; it's so unique and that applies to all the comics you can find on WebToon. Everyone there is so creative!

So, what are you waiting for? Go read Lore Olympus on WebToon!

I'll see you next time!