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Published by Charlie on 2018-06-14 in Nerd
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I think everyone is familiar with this one. You know when you are particularly bored and you have nothing to do and suddenly it becomes your first priority to know what kind of spoon you are? Yeah, me too.

Let's face it, BuzzFeed Quizzes is probably one of the best things that ever happened to us. I literally spend hours of my time taking every one of their quizzes, especially when I have billion of other things to do.
I mean, it's not the fact that you actually want to know what kind of puppy you are, or what personality type you are based on your breakfast taco choice, but the simple fact that someone thought about these things intrigues you, so why not?

The funniest part of taking this kind of quizzes are obviously the possible outcomes. It's funny to share them with friends and see what they got, and the funniest thing is getting mad about the results. For example, it is quite difficult (and crazy) to judge wether the results are right or wrong when you take a quiz about which combination of a Disney princess and a Marvel character you are.
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But my personal favorites are the ones where BuzzFeed challenges you. Like "Can you name all of the Marvel movies in under 4 minutes?" SURE AS HELL I CAN HONEY (spoiler: I couldn't. I missed The Incredible Hulk). It becomes kind of personal at that point.

And last but not least, the ones where BuzzFeed claims to be able to point out things about your persona based on casual choices. For example, "Can we guess your eye color based on the Seven Cereals you choose?" No, you can't! How can you think to get one of these right?

So, here's my advice. Now that it is summer and there will be times when you won't be able to go out because it will be too hot, stay in your home and pass the time taking BuzzFeed quizzes. It is worth it I swear.

So excuse me but I need to know what BTS member I should stan based on an imaginary Gucci shopping stream, bye!
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