Go to the cinema alone!

Go to the cinema alone!: why you should and CAN be more independent
Published by Sofia on 2023-03-30 in Pop
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Hey everybody! My name is Sofia and today I'm kinda mad at my dad and at society.

A couple of days ago I went to the cinema. Nothing wrong with it, right? The problem is that I went alone. BETRAYAL! TRECHERY! WITCH!

That's what my dad thought when I told him I was going to the movies alone. For a bit he even thought I had a secret boyfriend I was going with (ha! I wish).

The thing is, some of my friends had already seen the film and the others either didn't want to (which is totally understandable) or we couldn't find a date that worked for everyone for the life of us. So, I decided to go alone, cause I really wanted to watch this movie.
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I got my ticket online, bought a bag of pop corn at my local supermarket for 0,69 euros and I simply... went to the cinema. I sat in my chair, laughed at the funny parts of the film, ate my pop corn and overall had a good time.

Now, this could spark a deeper conversation about being alone in our society. The fact that we are seen as lesser people when we are alone, we are pitied and we feel shame. That's so sad. Wouldn't it be better if we could just be? If we could sit alone somewhere without feeling the pressure of telling everyone "Hey! I'm not lonely, I'm just waiting for a friend!". Maybe I'm really waiting for a friend. Or maybe I'm alone! That doesn't mean I don't have any friends.
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I hate this pressure. I'm a very independent person. That doesn't mean I don't like being with people. I love my friends! I'm happy when I hang out with them! But if I wanted to go to a bar and sit and eat by myself I should be able to do it without feeling everyone's eyes on me, or hearing something along the lines of "poor girl" or "she must feel so lonely".

So, I guess what I wanted to say with this article is: don't be ashamed! And go to the cinema alone, if you want/have to.

That's all!
I'll see you next time!