Proof that magic is real

Proof that magic is real: why I know that magic exists
Published by Sofia on 2023-03-02 in Pop
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Hey there! My name is Sofia and I believe in magic.

I'm here to demonstrate that magic exists in our world too, even though it might not be as obvious as somebody transforming a button into a rabbit or making something disappear.

Something that is magical in our world is nature. Whenever I walk in a park or even around my city, I see beautiful things. If only you took the time to actually look around you might notice them too. You may see a bird fluttering its wings and creating the cutest sound.

You might watch the way the sun shines on everything, turning the world into a golden paradise. The light keeps changing and it always creates a new miracle. The sun setting, the sun rising, the moon keeping us company in the darkest night. That's magic.
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Another magical thing is people. The way they smile when you compliment their outfit or when they're listening to their favorite song. When two people who are in love look at each other you can feel how happy they are. Seeing parents taking care of their children, friends laughing and hugging each other, people playing with their pets makes me feel like there's still hope in this world. It shows me that miracles still happen.
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ilustration by Radioimmaginaria
But the most magical thing about people is when they're passionate about something. This is also the easiest type of magic to see; you just need to ask your friend who plays football to tell you about their team, or ask your friend who loves books to tell you about their favorite book. You'll see it right there. Magic.

It's in the way their eyes will light up, the incredibly sweet smile you'll receive, the way they'll get lost in their love and joy. They'll start talking fast, with more confidence than ever. They'll shine. That's what I love most. That's real magic.