The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games: a trilogy of mystery books
Published by Sofia on 2023-02-14 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

My name is Sofia and usually I only read fantasy books. Like, exclusively. But some time ago I saw a trilogy of mystery books called "The Inheritance Games" written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It all starts when Avery Grambs; a sixteen-year-old girl from New Castle who basically lives in her car and is very talented at chess, receives a letter saying she's been mentioned in a dead billionaire's will.

Actually, she received a lot of letters telling her that she needs to go to the reading of the will, but her legal guardian; her half-sister Libby, thought they were scams, so she never replied. I mean, that's pretty intelligent and cautious, but wouldn't you know, this time something too good to be true was actually true!
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Libby and Avery discover this when Grayson Hawthorne; one of the four handsome and extraordinary grandsons of the deceased Tobias Hawthorne (the billionaire) pays them a visit and tells them to come to Texas for the reading of the will, which has to be done with all the Hawthorne family and Avery present.

Avery doesn't think she's going to inherit that much, but then, at the reading in the enormous Hawthorne House, she discovers that Tobias left her EVERYTHING. BILLIONS of dollars.


Also, he left his own family basically nothing. Sooo you can imagine they're pretty angry, especially when they discover that the only way for Avery to inherit the money is to spend an entire year at Hawthorne House. Like, living with them. The House is still gigantic, so they probably could not see each other if they really wanted not to, but, well, it's still pretty dangerous for Avery and Libby, who decides to stay with her.
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Then Jameson Hawthorne (one of Tobias's grandsons) approaches Avery and tells her that his grandfather loved puzzles and games. He thinks her mention in the will is the start of a new game. Tobias's last big game.

So they start playing and the rest of the family is somehow involved, one way or another. This book is full of riddles and anagrams and I love it! It also has so many twists and turns that will make you gasp out loud. I really recommend it!