Legendborn: a book series with swords and magic
Published by Sofia on 2023-01-20 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! My name's Sofia and I'm here to talk about the YA fantasy book series Legendborn by Tracy Deonn!

The protagonist is a sixteen-year-old Black girl named Bree who, after her mother's sudden death, feels the need to run away. So she applies to early college; a programme that lets you go to college two years earlier, with her best friend Alice.

On her first night she witnesses a magical attack. There's a flying demon and then a couple of kids her age kill it. They're part of a society called the Legendborn. One of them tries to erase Bree's memories of the accident, but he fails and instead a lost memory resurfaces in her. She's determined to find out the truth, so she infiltrates the society. She then discovers that the Legendborn are King Arthur and his knights' descendants. You know, all that Order of the Round Table thing? Well, it's real!
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Apparently, they're about to enter a magical war, so, what's Bree gonna do? Should she use her magic to dismantle the society or... help them fight? You'll have to read it to find out!

This book is a masterpiece. It's so incredibly real. And I know it's weird to say this about a book about magic, but every other part of it is so deeply rooted in truth, I can feel it in every phrase. The grief Bree feels for her mother is so raw and deep. Her death isn't merely an interesting quirk for the main character, which is something that happens a lot in books, especially in YA ones. Also, it touches on racism in a really important way. It talks about everything that was taken from the Black community, about slavery and about righteous fury.
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There are so many breathtaking twists.

This series is made up of two books, but it's going to expand even more. The first book is called Legendborn and the second one Bloodmarked, both by Tracy Deonn, obviously.

I really hope you'll read them, I promise you won't regret it!

I'll see you next time!