Spy x Family

Spy x Family: an anime with action and secrets!
Published by Sofia on 2023-01-27 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

My name is Sofia and I started watching a new anime!

I'm here to talk about Spy x Family, an awesome anime with spies and assassins! Let's get into it, shall we?

Spy x Family tells the story of a man whose codename is Twilight. He has a codename cause he's a spy! He's an expert in transformations and his new mission is to infiltrate a college to get information on a bad guy. But not even the legendary Twilight could disguise himself as a six-year-old child, so he has to adopt a baby from an orphanage. What he doesn't know is that the little pink-haired girl he's adopted is actually a telepath!

She can read other people's minds and she quickly discovers that he's a spy! Lucky for her she loves spy movies and she's super on board with it! (I can't blame her, I'd do the same) She also decides to not reveal her power to her new dad, cause she's afraid he might take her back to the orphanage.
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ilustration by Sofia A
Then we meet Yor Briar; a woman who keeps getting told to find a man (stupid patriarchy), also because people who aren't married yet are seen as suspicious and could be spies. Actually, she's an assassin, so they aren't really wrong. Her codename is Thorn Princess. So, she needs to find a husband and Twilight needs a wife to get Anya; the girl he adopted, in the school (the professors also want to have a talk with every child's parents). One day the two meet and agree to marry. A marriage of convenience (and we know how these usually turn out).

This anime is so funny. There are so many instances where Thorn Princess and Twilight have to keep their identities secret from each other and they usually end up in hilarious situations! Meanwhile Anya knows everything! Her mom is an assassin, her dad is a spy, and she's having the time of her life!

I highly recommend this anime; you can find it on anime-specific websites.
So, this is everything for today!