How to predict your 2023

How to predict your 2023: what's the new year going to be like?
Published by Sofia on 2022-12-30 in Pop
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Hey everyone! My name is Sofia and as 2022 comes to an end, I'm wondering how my 2023 is going to be!

Online I found a nice little game that involves the future and books, so I'd like to play it with you guys! All you need is a book (it could be a random one or your favourite, whatever) and this article! Did you grab your book? I have my copy of Six of Crows (my favourite book) right here. Let's goooo.

So, the game consists in reading the sentence about 2023 down here and then finding the answer by opening your book on a random page and reading the first word or phrase. No cheating! Let's start with the first sentence!
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This word is something that will NEVER happen to you in 2023
Mine is: tailor (No plastic surgery for me this year, folks. And no tailored pants either.)
This word describes your love life in 2023
Mine is: maybe (Well, that's encouraging.)
This sentence describes your school career in 2023
Mine is: Kaz's attention was focused on the plans (So... I'll ace everything? No more pulling all-nighters to finish studying?)
This sentence describes your birthday party in 2023

Mine is: A tremor of fear passed through Nina (Sounds like a fun party)

In 2023 you'll get a tattoo with this quote

Mine is: His skin was cool and damp from the rain (Well, a tattoo does go on the skin, so...)

This word describes how your 2023 is going to be

Mine is: smarts (I love this)
This is all guys! What words/sentences did you get? Let me know with an email to [email protected] or a message to radioimmaginaria.
I'll see you all next year!