How to give the perfect gift

How to give the perfect gift: a guide to the perfect Christmas present
Published by Sofia on 2022-12-15 in Pop
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Hello everyone!

My name is Sofia and one of my many talents is being great at giving gifts!

Since we're already half-way through December chances are you're stressing about all the presents you have to buy. Don't worry, I got you! Here are my top three tips on how to get the perfect gift for your loved ones!
Let's go!
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With this I'm not saying you should follow the person you have to get a gift for to their home or do some weird (and illegal) things. Just follow them on social media, know their passions, like the tv series, books, or sports they're obsessed with etc.

This way, you'll know just what to search for, maybe a mug or poster of their favourite tv series, or, if you have more money or are doing a group gift, a ticket to their favourite team's match.
Also, listen to them! Maybe one day they could mention that their favourite bracelet broke and boom! you have your gift.
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In my opinion one of the best gifts you could give someone is a photo or something photo-related. That is such a thoughtful present and it's also pretty inexpensive. Just print a photo of a special moment you guys shared, it can be whatever you want, and put it in a frame.

This is an awesome gift because not only will it make their home cozy and more personalized, but it will also remind them of you every time they pass by the frame.
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Here's a story for you. My friend Marta is really good at drawing and every time she gives me a present she draws a cute card for me. Now, her gifts are always beautiful, but what I love most is her cards! I have the best ones hung in my room as posters and I think about her every time I see them.

This could be an incentive for you to get creative with your gifts! Maybe you're not that good at drawing, but you like writing things; then you could write a cute message on a card! And remember: presents become 50% better when you wrap them nicely. You can use ribbon, colorful paper, etc. Get creative!

So, these were my best tips for giving gifts. I hope I helped you even a little. Good luck and happy holidays!