The enchanted necklace

The enchanted necklace: Stella's fairytale
Published by Sofia on 2022-12-01 in Detective
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It didn't end the way it did in fairytales. But it started exactly like one of them.

Stella was a lonely orphan. The only thing her parents had left her was a necklace that would open when she turned sixteen. So there she was, the clock had just struck midnight when the jewel started shining. The pendant opened and in it Stella saw the image of a blonde lady.

"Hello dear. I'm your fairy godmother and I'll help you get your kingdom back."
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"My kingdom?"

"Yes, honey. You're a princess! Your parents ruled a kingdom nearby, but your evil aunt assassinated them and took the throne. Now you're old enough to claim it. It's time. If you leave now you'll be there by morning."

"I have to leave right now?"

"Well, it's not like someone will miss you. Tell me, did other people ever treat you with respect?" She remained silent. "That's what I thought. Now go." Stella obeyed. She tied her red hair in a ponytail and left.
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The sun was rising when she saw a blond boy running toward her.

"Princess Stella! Is that you?"

"You know me?"

"You look just like your mother." He bowed and kissed her hand. "My name's Charming and I'll help you defeat the evil queen. I'll show you the way." He took her hand and they ran together. Stella was beaming. She was a princess! She couldn't wait to finally live happily ever after.

"This is the tower's entrance. I'll stay here to stop the guards." Said Charming once they arrived. Stella nodded. She was nervous, but ready.
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The queen was alone in the throne room. She had long black hair.

"Are you... Stella? My niece?" The queen smiled. "I'm so happy to see you!"

"You... you don't look evil." Said Stella. It was a stupid thing to say, but she'd imagined an ugly old lady ready to poison her, not a beautiful woman. The queen noticed her necklace.

"Oh. She told you her story, didn't she?" She murmured. "I don't suppose I can change your mind." She lowered her head. "Go on then. Kill me."
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"WHAT?!" Stella opened the pendant. "Fairy godmother, what's happening?"

"It's simple, dear. You have to kill her to get your kingdom back." A gun materialised next to Stella. She took a step back. Charming entered the room, followed by a crowd.

"Princess, I've brought your allies! Now kill her!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Everyone chanted.

They were too loud. Stella was going crazy. Her head spun. She took the gun.

"NO!" She screamed. She turned around and shot Charming. She kept shooting people until the room went quiet. Then she started crying.

"Oh dear." The queen was by her side. Her hair looked fairer. It had turned blond. She took the gun. "I'm sorry, it was the only way." She didn't look sorry. Stella gasped. Her face had changed. It was now the same one she saw in the necklace. The fairy godmother laughed. A shot rang out. Then everything went black.