River City's barista pt3

River City's barista pt3: Taja
Published by Sofia on 2022-09-30 in Detective
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Hey everyone!
You're reading the third part of "River City's barista"; a five-part story about life in River City's bar. If you want to read the first part, click here! And click here to read part two. Now let's start part three!
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It was a particularly windy Wednesday in River City when the bar's door opened. A black girl with long hair saw it opening and entered, arms and smile wide, as if she was on stage. The door slammed on her face. Mike made to help her, but she just laughed it off and entered.

"Well, that's on me for trying to make a grand entrance." she noticed Mike's worried expression. "Hi, don't worry, I'm really stubborn; my head's hard as concrete, I'm alright." she knocked on it to prove her point.

"I'm Taja by the way. I'm new here." she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mike."
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"Hey, these flowers are beautiful!" she exclaimed, caressing the bouquet's petals.
"Thanks, they come straight from my garden. These are pretty old though, you should see the ones I'm preparing for tomorrow." he said proudly. Mike loved gardening. Taja's dark eyes widened.
"So you'll throw them away?" he nodded. "In that case, can I have one?"
"Uh, sure."
"Awesome." she whispered. She took a flower and put it behind her ear.
She was about to order, when she froze.
"Wait, it's a Wednesday, in a café... are we watching something begin again?" she giggled. "Sorry, I can't help but quote Taylor. You probably don't know what I'm talking about."
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"Excuse me?! You think that I don't know who Taylor Alison Swift is? You dare to think I don't know that you just quoted 'Begin Again' from Red?" she laughed.
"I already love this place."
"I just hope I can stay. Rent here is pretty expensive."
"You know, you're the second person to say this to me this week."
"Really? Who was the first?"
"A girl who said she needed roommates. She's going to start working here on Monday. She's not here today, but usually she comes once a day. Next time you could talk to each other, maybe she's the right person for you. I... I mean, to be your roommate."
"Thank you Mike! I'll do it for sure, I can't wait to meet her."
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Taja took her coffee to go and left.
Mike beamed. He couldn't believe his luck! Three Taylor Swift fans at River City! They could've started a club. But first, they had to meet. He couldn't wait.
To be continued...