River City's barista pt1

River City's barista pt1: Jane
Published by Sofia on 2022-09-05 in Detective
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Mike Roady had been a barista in River City's only bar for twenty years and every day of his life since he had worn his apron for the first time had been calm and boring, at times. He wasn't prepared for the adventure he was about to go on. It all started when a white girl with lilac hair had entered the bar. Mike knew all of River City's citizens and she wasn't one of them.

A new girl in town. That was interesting.

She was wearing a blue T-shirt and a black skirt. Her hair was straight and short, with that beautiful lilac colour, and Mike could see a bit of her natural blond roots showing at the top of her head.
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She had a tote bag with the quote "August slipped away like a bottle of wine". Mike recognized it as a phrase from a Taylor Swift song.
She kept her shoulders hunched and seemed a bit uncomfortable.
She ordered a cappuccino and smiled at Mike when he told her he liked her hair. He asked if she was new in town.

"Yes, I'm renting an apartment in front of this café." she responded. "To be honest, it's quite expensive, so I have to find a job and maybe some roommates."
At this Mike smiled.
"Maybe I can help you with the job part. Josie is retiring in a week." he said, pointing with his chin towards a middle-aged woman with white hair. "So you can start next Monday."

The girl's smile broadened.
"Really? Oh, thank you so much! I'm Jane, by the way." she extended her hand.
"Mike." they shook.
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He prepared her coffee and she sat down at a table, took off her laptop and put on a pair of purple headphones. Mike brought her her coffee and glanced to the laptop screen. She was writing something that looked like a novel. Apparently she was on chapter eight. She also had a window open showing a Taylor Swift playlist named 'immaculate vibes'.

She was an interesting girl. Mike promised himself he was going to help her no matter what. River City could've used some more Taylor Swift fans.

To be continued...