Superheroes with a heart of gold

Superheroes with a heart of gold: the sweetest superheroes
Published by Sofia on 2022-07-26 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!
I'm Sofia, here to talk about one of the best type of characters in the superhero world, that is to say: superheroes with a heart of gold! These are the type of superheroes who would walk you home if you were scared to go alone, the ones who would find you crying in a street corner and try to comfort you, maybe by telling some jokes or taking you for a ride (Spider-Man would totally bring you along on a web slinging journey). Now let's list them!

SPIDER-MAN (all of them)

All the Spider-Men and Spider-Women are inherently wholesome. They are so cute and sweet. And they know what it feels like to be a loser because they are in their everyday life. So they are the best superheroes for when you need some kind of help like carrying your groceries home and they will be so good at cheering you up with some bad puns and will also take you web-slinging with them. That would be so awesome.
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He was originally introduced in DC Comics as the first Robin, and then he became Nightwing and he is such a good guy, sweet and caring. He'd be very good at cheering you up.


Alias Beast Boy. He's very sweet and he's one of the funniest superheroes in the world. Or at least in DC Comics. He has the ability of turning into animals. So whenever he'll see you are upset he would 100% transform into a cat or into some kind of cute animal, maybe even your favorite one, and just cuddle with you. And that's just so sweet.


Okay. Now I feel like I'm just listing all the Teen Titans, but you can't deny that Kori is super sweet and caring. She's definitely the mom of the group. In the film "The Judas contract" you can see that she's a good leader for the Teen Titans and she cares deeply about all of them.
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He's Ant-Man and he's so wholesome. You can see that in his relationship with his daughter, which is one of the most beautiful relationships in the MCU. And he's just the funniest.


She's such a funny character, and she's very good. She was able to help Clint come to terms with Natasha's death.

So this is all everybody, I'm sure there are many other superheroes that have a heart of gold, so if you feel like I missed somebody who's very obvious, make sure to write that in an e-mail to [email protected], or to our Instagram account @onair_radioimmaginaria .