Horrorscope: discover what your sign is this week! 13th of May - 20th of May
Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2022-05-16 in Pop
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Horroroscope ARIES: You’re the fan that is ashamed of being a fan.  TAURUS: You’re the kind of fan that follows the artist everywhere. GEMINI: You’re the casual fan.  CANCER: You’re the fan that gets emotional for every little thing the artist does. LEO: You’re not a real fan, you just want pictures with someone who’s famous. VIRGO: You’re the fan that owns everything of the merchandise and puts it in chronological order.  LIBRA: You’re the fan that’s going to defend the artist no matter what SCORPIO: You’re the fan that knows every song by heart but has never seen the artist play live.  SAGITTARIUS: You’re the fan that somehow manages to go to every concert.  CAPRICORN: You’re the fan that only knows one song and went to the concert because they were forced to AQUARIUS: You’re the fan that molds their personality on the band they love PISCES: You’re the fan that quizzes every other fan to know if they are real fans
Illustration by Radioimmaginaria