Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko: a technological animated series
Published by Sofia on 2022-03-24 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

Today I'm here to talk about an old animated series about technology. It's called "Code Lyoko", you can find it on Netflix, and if you can get past the pretty old animation style, you'll love it!

Code Lyoko is set in a boarding school in France. One day Jeremy, a genius boy who loves computers goes to the abandoned factory next to the school to find some pieces for his science project. There he finds a supercomputer. He turns it on, of course, cause why would you keep your hands to yourself and not risk a military raid, but anyway, inside the computer he finds something that looks like a video-game and in it a girl dressed like an elf. She has pink hair and doesn't remember anything about herself.
some nerdy things, like Harry Potter's glasses, Batman's symbol, a computer with Netflix, and a comic book
ilustration by Radioimmaginaria
To know more about this video-game, which is called Lyoko, Jeremy asks his friend Ulrich, his roommate Odd, and a girl named Yumi to enter the game. They are skilled athletes and they need to be, cause when they enter the game they find monsters! They are able to beat them and the elf-girl helps them, discovering in the process that her name is Aelita.

Lyoko is inhabited by an artificial intelligence called X.A.N.A. which uses Lyoko to attack the real world. He can cause all sorts of problems by manipulating electronic appliances and when this happens the Lyoko Warriors have to enter the video-game and help Aelita deactivate the tower X.A.N.A. used to attack.
a computer screen full of 010101. It's the binary code, which is use by computers
ilustration by Radioimmaginaria
They need to do this to save the world, but Jeremy suspects that they can find a way to get Aelita out of Lyoko and then they'll be able to eliminate X.A.N.A. by turning the supercomputer off. Will they succeed? You can only know by watching Code Lyoko!

This tv series is pretty old, but I assure you that you'll love it, especially if you're into computers and technology! It's also a story about friendship and it has that old feeling, like the cartoons we used to watch when we were little on Saturday mornings.