Anime or manga?

What's the difference?
Published by Sofia on 2022-07-04 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

Today I'll help you understand something very easy and simple, but really important. It's time you learn the difference between animes and mangas. Believe me, this will help you avoid some mistakes.
A manga is a Japanese comic book. They look more like books than American comic books, which look more like magazines. They usually have many pages (certainly more than American comic books, which are pretty short unless you get the big ones that combine a series) and you have to read them from right to left, so the opposite way of how you're used to reading.
Some nerdy things, like Harry Potter's glasses, Batman's symbol, a computer with Netflix, and a comic book
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Animes are Japanese cartoons. Their name comes from the translation of the word animation in Japanese. A lot of animes are the transposition of mangas. So they basically create animated tv series out of stories from mangas.

So there you have it friends! I hope this article helped you.