The last book is the best

The last book is the best: why the last book of a series is always the best one
Published by Sofia on 2022-03-11 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! My name's Sofia, I love reading, and I have a hot take for you!

The last book of a series is always the best one. Now hold your horses people, let me explain.

First of all, by the time you reach the last book of a series (it can be a duology like Six of Crows, or a super long series like Fairy Oak, it doesn't really matter) you'll be already in love with the characters. You'll know them like old friends, you'll cheer at every bit of character development you'll notice, which is such a beautiful feeling.
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In the last book, the stakes are super high. You can feel the final battle approaching like electricity through the whole book. Will someone die? Will they finally confess their feelings for each other? Will they win the war? Will it be an happy ending? Will you cry at the end?

These questions keep coming up in your brain while you read, and it's as if you were there, discussing the plan to win the war with the characters, spying them as they kiss, maybe for the last time. It's so exciting! And also so sad.
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The last book of a series feels like New Year's Eve. Full of excitement, it goes by so fast, but it's also nostalgic. As the sun sets on the last chapter you feel like your life is ending along with it. You close your book, your eyes, your breath. Then you gasp for air and you sigh. It's the end. It's all over. A bittersweet feeling fills you as you cry, and you feel so good, but so bad, at the same time. It's beautiful.
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This is pretty much the same feeling I feel in these days. I'm in my last year of high school and everything is so bittersweet, exciting, and nostalgic. It's as if I were living the last of five books, like "Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus". In my story, instead of a big final battle, I have a big exam. Tbh, I'd prefer the battle.

So, if you're also feeling this way, just know you're not the only one. You're not alone. And to make you feel better you could read (or re-read) the last book of a series. Just make sure to read the books before first, of course! (Unless you're re-reading it obviously).