Fairy Oak

Fairy Oak: a magical book!
Published by Sofia on 2022-01-27 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

I'm Sofia and I love reading. One of my favourite book series is called Fairy Oak and it was written by Elisabetta Gnone, a Italian writer.

Right now it's made up by a trilogy, plus four books, and two other books. The last one is called "A Fairy's Destiny" and it was in my list of the top 5 books I read in 2021 (if you want to know what are the other books click here).

The first book of this series is called "The Secret of the Twins" so let's talk about its plot!
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"The Secret of the Twins"

The story is set in a village called Fairy Oak because of the talking oak that's in the middle of it. In this village live witches, wizards, people without magical powers, and fairies. They all look like humans, except for the fairies, who are very little, shiny, and have wings. The witches and wizards hire them as nannies for the young witches and wizards of the village and they stay until the children are 15 years old.
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Opposite twins

One day in this village are born two twins; Vaniglia and Pervinca. They're very special, cause they're physically identical, but they have opposite powers: Vaniglia is a Witch of Light and Pervinca is a Witch of Darkness. When the village is attacked by a terrible villain Vaniglia and Pervinca will be its only hope to survive.

Fairy Oak is a beautiful story, set in a marvellous place, a fantastic village in the middle of a green valley, with the sea, mountains, forests, so cool! It really transports you in a magical place and it gives you the opportunity to relax and only think about magic. I highly recommend you read this awesome series, it's really worth it!