Character development

Character development: the bauty of seeing a character change
Published by Sofia on 2022-02-25 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends!

I'm Sofia, your friendly neighbourhood book expert! Today it's time to talk about one of the greatest things about books (and tv series to): character development!

When it's done right it's something very beautiful. Sometimes it's a villain who turns into a hero, or maybe a hero that turns into a villain (so exciting! And... terrible, very terrible indeed, but you gotta admit it's pretty cool to see). Okay, I'll explain it better.
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What is character development?

Character development is something that happens to a round character, which is a character that changes during the story. The character develops and changes, usually becoming a better version of themselves, even though, sometimes, it's cool to see a character turn evil because of something that happened to them, maybe a betrayal.

The development is usually slow and ends at the end of the series/book, or when the character dies. But sometimes it can be more abrupt, like when a character gets murdered and is then brought back to life (it happens more often than you think), or something terrible happens to them, something that breaks them.
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Why is character development so cool?

Well, character development is cool cause you can see people change, little by little, and at the end of the book/tv series you'll feel like a proud parent who has seen their child grow up, you'll feel happy and content, or your heart will break into a million pieces. It depends on the type of person you are and the type of development you witness.

Where can I find character development?

Character development is everywhere! Every good story has round character; it can be a book, a tv series, a movie, whatever story you follow. And, plot twist, you can find it in your life too! It can be your friend who becomes more confident, a bully who understands their actions are wrong and decides to change.

It can be you, trying so hard to be better, striving to become the best version of yourself. I see you, and you're doing great. Keep going.