ALL 4 ALL - Radioimmaginaria for Friday for Future

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2019-03-07 in Eco
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Some time ago a 15 years old Swedish girl called Greta decided to show up every Friday in front of the Stockholm Parliament. She wanted to tell the politicians that the climate issue is, in fact, an issue and if we don't hurry it will end badly.

The first weeks she was the only one, a bit young and hippie. But then time passed and the crowd in front of the Swedish Parliament was growing, some just to skip school, some because they actually cared about saving the planet.

The 15th of March there will be a strike all over the world to try and save the fate of humanity. People will march in the streets, in front of the Stockholm Parliament and probably also in your cities.

Radioimmaginatia won't stay back and watch.

On the 15th of March, every station of Radioimmaginaria will go live for 10 minutes. We will start at 13.00 and finish at 23.00. We will tell you how we live this event all over Europe.

We called this "All 4 All" because if we don't all speak up nobody will ever hear us.
Greta is our age and we believe in her! DON'T MISS!
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