How to cook pasta for people who think they can do it

Published by Charlie on 2018-04-04 in Pop
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So guys, I know what you're thinking, "Oh no, another patriotic Italian on her way to brag about how their cuisine is the best and can not be disrespected by wild foreigners". And that is exactly what I'm going to do.

In 2018 it is not possible that some people still don't know how to cook pasta. I can no longer tolerate that.
And this is not about Italian pride and neither about me being forced to see how all over the world our traditional values are being stepped on.
This is about your personal safety. I'm doing this for you.
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I don't know if you've heard but on the 18th of March 2018 three american students living in Florence, Italy almost burned their house down while trying to cook pasta. I mean, how can something be so simple yet so dangerous?
The answer is easy, they were, of course, doing it the wrong way. And I'm going to put out their mistake so it won't happen to you: they were trying to cook pasta without water (you can find the article here).
And THAT is why I'm writing down this tutorial.
  1. PUT WATER IN A POT AND LET IT BOIL. The first passage is fundamental. You have to take a pot, fill it with water and then put it on the flame. All you have to do during this step is wait until the water boils. It may take a bit so if you want it to boil faster you can cover the pot with a pot lid. Just be patient and wait.
  2. PUT SALT IN THE WATER. This is also important. When you see the water boiling you put the salt. It gives flavor to your dish so you need to put a handful of it in there. It has to be thick salt, not thin one (actually you can put thin one too, you have to put more of it though). There are different schools of thought about when to put the salt but I'm just going to stick with this one because it's the one I prefer.
  3. PUT PASTA. So this is the moment when you put pasta. Not BEFORE you put water. The order is simple: put water, put salt and THEN (and only then) put pasta. The quantity of pasta really depends on how hungry you are, but usually it is 70g per person. If you feel confident about yourself you can control the pasta while it's cooking by tasting it, so that you know it's not overcooked or too raw.
  4. DRAIN PASTA. Okay, this is the simple part. You need to remove water, so you drain your pasta with a colander.
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You can now add like oil and cheese to make it taste better (and also, if you add oil and mix while it still is in the pot it will prevent pasta from sticking to the pot). And for the brave readers only, you can also try to prepare a sauce to season your meal. But that's for the bold ones.
So, in conclusion, by learning how to cook pasta you get two important advantages: 1) you don't set your cooking place on fire and 2) you get a great meal.
Now go, my young padawans, and let the world know how to cook pasta! Spread the word!
For the record, THIS IS WRONG
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