5 days in Berlin

Published by Alice, 17 years old on 2018-06-02 in Pop
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I've been hearing people talking about Berlin for ages. More than the half of my friends have been there and I've always heard really good 'reviews' about this city, but I never understood why. I saw a lot of pictures, from friends or from the Internet, but still, I couldn't get the beauty everyone was talking about. To me, Berlin looked like any other anonymous big city: grey, a lot of skyscrapers, thousands of people and an incredible traffic.
Last week I were finally able to visit it, and I have to say that my impression was completely wrong. I think there are no cities like Berlin. It is not a matter neither of the architecture of the buildings nor of the city's landmarks. The kind of beauty everyone's talking about is the combination of people, shops and the atmosphere.
While walking in Berlin, it's impossible not to find a particular spot where to read a book or to find a little bar in which to have a coffee. Not to mention the countless second-hand shops in which you can find every kind of clothes you're looking for. But of course, the shops aren't the only reason why you should visit Berlin.

This city is surrounded by art. It is literally everywhere you look. There isn't a wall without a graffiti or a drawing. And I'm not talking about the spray signs 'acab' or 'anarchy', but actual works of art.
Finally, the best part, in my opinion, is the people. Berlin is full of people, from all over the world, but most importantly YOUNG. It is full of people to talk to, to make experiences with and who knows, you could also find some friends. In my experience, all I had to do to get to know new people was sitting at a pub's table. I sat there with my friend for five minutes and we ended up having a conversation with these random guys for the next two hours.

To conclude, if you want to do something with your friends this summer but you don't know what, or if you're planning to go on a trip after your final exams, Berlin is the right city for you!
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